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Simultaneous Interpretation Services

High-Quality Interpretation Services

Trusted Interpreters prides itself in providing all different types of interpretation services, including the most recognized interpretation service in the industry-simultaneous interpretation. Simultaneous interpretations can be very complex as the interpreter is required to deliver the interpretation in the target language at the same time that the source language is being communicated by a speaker. In many cases, two or more interpreters are required and must alternate to maintain a sustained level of quality.

This type of service is often seen in telecasts of the U.N. sessions and is the most recognized and well known type of interpretation. Our interpreters, specifically trained in simultaneous services, interpret from a location close by or in a closed booth while the speaker is talking, creating a near real-time communication experience.

State-of-the-Art Interpretation Equipment

An important element to consider when preparing for a simultaneous interpretation project is the need for specialized interpretation equipment. Trusted Interpreters uses only the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art interpretation equipment to ensure the best-quality services. In particular, we use a closed wireless communication system with special microphones, headsets and transmitting technology. We will match our equipment to your needs depending on the physical settings of your event. This includes providing special equipment for settings that have a high potential for RF interference such as locations near airports.

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