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High-Quality Medical Interpretation

Healthcare Interpretation Services

In order for hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices, to effectively communicate with their community either as a whole or individually, language can be a significant barrier. This is especially true in areas with large immigrant populations. At Trusted Interpreters, we help these organizations break the language barriers between a patient and their healthcare provider through our high quality on-site and over-the-phone service offerings.

Further, depending on the source of funding, certain health care organizations may be required to provide access to competent medical interpreters. At Trusted Interpreters, we are aware of these requirements and ensure we staff our health care related projects with interpreters that exceed all necessary qualifications. We draw from a large group of certified and experienced interpreters that have been specifically trained in the medical-related interpretations and understand the nuances of medical interpretation even under high-stress environments.

Trusted Medical Interpreters

Here at Trusted Interpreters we employ highly skilled and trained interpreters who are experts in medical terminology. Our interpreters take the necessary steps to provide clear and thorough results to ensure that every assignment we complete adheres to the industry’s highest standards. Understanding that medical information is very personal and private, we hold our interpreters to strict confidentiality agreements and comply with all privacy regulations.

Our interpreters have medical specific training and certifications from some of the most reputable organizations such as the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters, Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters, American Translators Association and the International Medical Interpreters Association.

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