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Legal and Court-Certified Interpreters

Legal and Court-Certified Interpreters in Every State

Trusted Interpreters is dedicated to providing the most specific and professional legal interpretation services in the industry. Founded by licensed attorneys and legal interpretation experts, we understand that legal interpretations can have a significant impact on a legal case. We also understand the legal process and the importance of having qualified legal interpreters who can ultimately testify in a court of law. For this reason, we have court-certified interpreters in every jurisdiction in the U.S.

Legal and court interpretation requires a strict level of expertise in specific areas of law and language. Trusted Interpreters is committed to ensuring that its clients receive only the most professional, high-quality services in legal and court interpretation. With a diverse staff of more than 10,000 linguists, Trusted Interpreters can staff your legal or court project with certified-court interpreters, highly qualified linguists with training in specific areas of law. All Trusted Interpreters linguists are bound by strict confidentiality agreements and adhere to interpreting codes of ethics.

As a company that understands the complexity of the legal industry, Trusted Interpreters knows that hiring an interpreter involves more than finding someone who can understand the source and target languages. Trusted Interpreters knows that a trustworthy interpreter has experience and an understanding of the specific subject at hand. Legal language and concepts may vary between countries and will require specialized legal and certified interpreters who are trained to recognize these variations in order to communicate effectively. Trusted Interpreters will staff your project with the most qualified interpreters, based on your specific needs.

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