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Language Expertise You Can Rely On

Expert Language Interpreters

Trusted Interpreters is a global leader in providing interpretation solutions no matter what language requirements you may have. We employ over 10,000 linguists worldwide, who have expertise in over 200 languages. Not only is it important to have fluent native speakers of a particular language, it is critical to use interpreters who are aware and well versed in the array of different dialects and variations of a particular language. We are very aware of the nuances of each language and will staff interpreters that fit your specific needs.

Language Expertise

The following are some of the core languages we work with on a regular basis:

English, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese), Spanish (all variations and dialects), French (European and Canadian), Haitian Creole, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Korean, Turkish, Vietnamese, Italian, Urdu, Polish, Romanian, Burmese, Thai and Dutch.

Languages and Dialects

Further, we are very aware of the different dialects/versions each one of these languages may have. For example, Spanish has various different "flavors" or variations, including (Argentine, Chilean, Colombian, Mexican, Central American, Cuban, Bolivian, Venezuelan, U.S. Hispanic Spanish, Castilian, etc.).

The Right Interpreter

Having the right interpreter with the right expertise can make all the difference in a particular project. Our goal is to work with you and/or your organization to understand clearly your language needs and staff the right interpreter for your particular project.

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