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Interpreting Expertise

Prior to staffing any interpretation project, we work closely with our clients to try to understand the nature of the content that needs interpreting. At Trusted Interpreters, we realize how important it is to both match the right linguistic expertise for a particular assignment and to assess the right subject-matter expertise required for a particular project.

Every interpreter we staff is not only fluent in the requested language pair(s) but is also proficient in the subject matter of the content being interpreted. This ensures the most accurate interpretation and understanding of the material.

Subject Matter Specialization

The following are some of the subject matters we deal with on a regular basis:

Advertising, Aerodynamics, Agriculture, Architecture, Biotechnology, Business, Consumerism, Education, Environment, Finance, Government, Hospitality, Human Resources, Hydraulics, Infrastructure, Insurance, Law, Manufacturing, Marketing, Medicine, Military, Nuclear Power, Pharmaceuticals, Technical, Telecommunications, Tourism, etc.

Languages and Dialects

All of our interpreters are knowledgeable in the many different dialects and variations of every language throughout the globe. Our interpreters understand that most languages entail a number of idiomatic variations depending on the region and pride themselves on their high level of expertise in the matter.

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