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Equipment for any Interpretations

Interpretation-Services Equipment

For certain interpretation projects, including those involving larger venues and simultaneous interpretations, specialized interpretation equipment may be required.

In particular, this equipment allows the interpreter to reach the audience requiring the interpretation in a way that does not disturb the speaker or the other audience members listening to the speaker in the original language. The equipment normally used for this type of project is the following:

  • Wireless headphones and headsets
  • Full-size (walk-in) sound booths: Soundproof booths are available in multiple sizes to match your specific interpretation needs.
  • Table-top sound booths: less costly, easier to assemble. These are used ideally when interpreters will be in a room or area adjacent to the presentation. This creates the opportunity to have an adequate buffer from the audience to prevent any sort of distractions throughout the presentation.
  • Tour-guide systems
  • Interpreter control unit: This tool connects the presenter and allows the interpreters to simultaneously hear what is being said. The control unit then simultaneously carries the signal that has been translated over to the transmitter for broadcasting.
  • Long-range transmitters:
    • FM radio receivers & transmitters
    • Infrared receivers & transmitters
    • Wireless interpretation receivers
    • Interpreter consoles

In a noisy or crowded space, a full-sized booth is recommended to allow the interpreter to concentrate as well as to not disturb the attendees. In larger environments, the interpreter can sit in a half-booth with the required transmitting and receiving equipment.

Trusted Interpreters Equipment

At Trusted Interpreters, we have the capability to equip almost any size venue. Having reliable equipment and the right team to install and monitor the equipment can make all the difference in delivering a successful interpretation. All of our interpreters are specially trained in the use of all the latest technology in the interpretation industry.

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