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Consecutive Interpretation Services

High-Quality Consecutive Interpretations

Trusted Interpreters counts on experts who understand that each setting may require a different type of interpretation service. In certain settings, including smaller business meetings, legal hearings and medical situations, a consecutive interpretation is more appropriate and effective.

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish a phrase or sentence and then interprets it into the target language. Consecutive interpreting usually does not involve specialized equipment and can be handled by one interpreter. This is in contrast to simultaneous interpretations, which normally require more than one interpreter and specialized interpretation equipment.

Trusted Consecutive Interpreters

Our consecutive interpreters are trained to ensure the entire message in the source language is transmitted into the target language accurately and in its entirety. In order to ensure that key elements are not lost, Trusted Interpreters only staffs its interpretation service projects with interpreters that have a cultural understanding of both the source and target languages and also an in-depth knowledge of the topics at hand.

Whether you need interpreters for one-on-one business meetings, formal legal hearings or emergency medical situations, Trusted Interpreters will provide the right interpreter for your needs. All of our interpreters abide by confidentiality agreements and interpreting codes of ethics to ensure that you are receiving the most reliable and trustworthy services in the language industry.

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