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American Sign Language (ASL) Services

Trusted Interpreters has one of the largest teams of ASL interpreters in the U.S. ASL (short for American Sign Language) is a form of communication that is expressed through the use of hand signs combined with body movement, facial expressions and overall body language. Among the hearing-impaired community, ASL is the most commonly used form of signing in the United States. Furthermore, it is used frequently in some parts of Mexico and the English-speaking regions of Canada. ASL, similar to many spoken languages, embodies numerous variations depending on the regions in which the language is being used.

Professional ASL Interpretation Needs

At Trusted Interpreters, we understand the needs of the hard-of-hearing community and how to staff effectively a sign-language interpretation project. For example, it is important to keep in mind that signing requires physical movement and effort. Hence, periodic breaks or having multiple interpreters may be necessary for longer sessions. This is important to understand as it can impact the quality of service and be a working hazard for the interpreter.

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